About Haunted Labs

Haunted Labs is a boutique pedal company based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

We produce amazing sounding handcrafted effects in the USA.

Utilizing state of the art ghost technology mankind has uncovered (okay, so maybe that's a stretch.. but it does make for a great bedtime story)

The Haunted Labs slogan is after all "Handcrafted by those that misbehave.. Spooky sounds from the grave!"

Come join us on our epic journey of unique sonic soundscapes and amazing tone!

Keep it haunted!

Word from owner Christopher Cozort

"I am connected to the creation of music.

The future begins by channeling new shapes and textures onto waveforms.

I engineer those sounds." - Christopher Cozort

Powering our pedals

No batteries are needed for any of our pedals.
(Disposable batteries are a nightmare for our planet!)

Standard 9V power from any industry standard power supply will work.
(We prefer VooDoo Lab, just saying..)

Do not use reverse polarity.


2.1 mm Barrel

Standard Polarity


Haunted Labs pedals are guaranteed to be free from manufacturer defects for 1 year from the date of purchase (Non-Transferable).

After that, if you should have any issues, we will fix them for a nominal bench fee.

Items Covered by Warranty: Circuit, LED, Footswitch and Pots.

Items Not Covered by Warranty: Paint, Screws, Enclosure, Knobs, Modifications or Neglagence.

If you are have any concerns/questions, please email us and describe what's going on.

We'll take care of you and get your pedal functioning back to normal, so you can get back to slaying!

To initiate a repair email us at: hauntedlabs AT gmail DOT com

All apparel sales are FINAL.

Where can I buy your products

We have direct sales online exclusively through our Reverb store.

You will also be able to find our products in select retail stores that we haunt.

When will your pedal ship

We ship domestically using USPS PRIORITY MAIL for all orders.

All orders should arrive in two to three business days.

International customers interested in placing an order contact us by email at: hauntedlabs AT gmail DOT com

International order delivery times vary depending on location.

Do your pedals have fancy bags

Well, we thought we could either have fancy bags or a curse by a half naked wiccan priestess..
and well.. they were all out of fancy bags.

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